E-Pariksha : MEO Class 4 Exam Booking Procedure

E-Pariksha : MEO Class 4 Exam Booking Procedure

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 E-Pariksha Engineering

A Complete Guide For MEO Class 4 Exam Booking

MEO(Marine Engineer Officer) Class 4 exam is an important exam to get CoC(Certificate of Competency). From the day of joining the Marine Engineering Course, every student dreams about getting Coc as soon as possible. As soon as completion of the Pre-Sea Training course i.e either B.Tech in Marine Engineering or GME everyone starts planning for MEO Class 4 Exams. Along with preparing for the exams, it’s important to know the procedure to apply for the exams. Because the student needs to submit a number of documents to apply for the Class 4 exam. So in this article, I have tried to cover the entire process of the class 4 exam that includes a step-by-step procedure to help you in uploading documents or booking exams, etc. Let’s Get in…

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Table of Contents

  1. Eligibility to apply for Meo Class 4 Exam
  2. Additional / Advanced Courses required
  3. List of Certificates/documents needed to register on Epariksha
  4. Registering on Epariksha
  5. Document uploading on Epariksha
  6. Document Verification
  7. Exam Booking

1. Eligibility to apply for Meo Class 4 Exam:

As per the Dgshipping rules, the following are the minimum requirements to be eligible to apply for Meo Class 4 Exams:

Sailing period:

  • For Motor – a minimum of 6 months (183 days)
  • For Steam – a minimum of 6 months (183 days)
  • For combined Steam & Motor – 8 months (4 months on Motor + 4 months on Steam)

* Motor/steam means the type of main propulsion. Either steam-driven or motor-driven.

Propulsion Period:(is the time period of actual Sailing excluding port stay/anchorage / drydocking )

  1. For Motor – a minimum of 4 months (121 days)
  2. For Steam – a minimum of 4 months (121 days)
  3. For combined Steam & Motor – 6 months (3 months on Motor + 3 months on Steam)

* Both sea service period and propulsion period will have to be mentioned in Sea Service Testimonials signed by Chief Engineer Officer.
Engine Power: Main propulsion machinery (Main Engine) of power minimum 750KW or more.

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2. Additional / Advanced Courses Required

After completing your required sea time, you have to pursue 4 Advanced Modular Courses to apply for MEO Class 4 Exam. The courses are offered by various MTIs(Maritime Training Institutes) approved by the DG SHIPPING. The Courses are as follows,

  1. AFF(Advance Fire Fighting)
  2. MFA(Medical First Aid)
  3. ERS(Engine Room Simulation)
  4. PSCRB(Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat)

* The Course details will be updated regularly on the respective institute’s official website. And the total course fees will vary from INR 20,000 to 30,000. And those who have sailed on a ship that was not having a boiler, need to have a Boiler course certificate.

3. List of Certificates required to register in Epariksha

After completing your Advanced Modular courses, the next and very important step is to compile all the documents & Certificates required Make sure to not miss any of the documents listed below. Otherwise, you’ll be in trouble while applying for the assessment.

  1. Valid passport
  2. CDC with the proper entry of sea service details.
  3. Class 10th Certificate
  4. 10+2 / diploma Certificate
  5. Graduation Certificate(*Provisional degree Certificate is not valid)
  6. Pre-Sea Training Certificate
  7. Sea Service Letter From the company with proper details and signature
  8. Sea Service Testimonials(* make sure to get sea service testimonial from every Chief Engineer you have sailed with before he/she signed off.)
  9. All STCW Certificates
  10. Advanced Modular Course Certificates

4. Epariksha- Introduction, and Procedure to Register

After collecting all of your documents and certificates, the next step is to apply for an assessment. Epariksha is the place, where you’re going to spend most of your time now onwards until clearing your class 4 exam. So let’s begin with a brief look at how Epariksha looks like.

Visit the Epariksha page. (from this link )

Now you are at the Epariksha home page. Let’s start registering.

  • Click on “Register New User” 

  • Enter the required details and click “Register”

E pariksha registration

Once registered, you’ll receive a mail containing your login credentials. Refresh the page and log in to Epariksha by entering Username and Password received via Email.

  • After login, you’ll see a page just like below. Let’s see the procedures to fill up each section in the next step

E pariksha registration step 1

5. Document Uploading / Online Assessment

Let me give you a small introduction to the Assessment process. This is a very important step where you’ll choose your MMD, upload all documents, make necessary payments, and submit for approval. So make sure to not make any mistakes. The assessment date means the day of your document verification. Every MMD Centre has its own way of processing the dates. In the Mumbai MMD center, the assessment will be in the “First Week” of every month, “Second Week” for booking exams, and “Last Week” for conducting exams. And it’s different for other MMD Centres. So you should keep following the official websites of your relative MMD Centre for the Dates. You should complete filling up the “E-Pariksha” page and submit the application for approval before the date of commencement of the assessment. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for next month’s assessment. Now I’ll walk you through the procedure of filling up the “E-Pariksha” page.

Personal Particulars:

Center Details:

  • Choose Exam Centre – make sure you have decided your MMD well in advance.
  • Examination Grade – Choose PART B.(Here you can choose PART A and make payment for PART A Exemption first and later Choose PART B. But if you don’t like that, then you can make payment for PART A exemption through Bharatkosh. Both ways valid)
  • Intended Month – Select your intended month of attending orals
  • Tick on either fresher or repeater. The next procedure is only for Freshers
  • Click Next

E pariksha registration step 2

Personal Details:

  • Here you need to enter the required personal details and attach a scanned photocopy of your Passport, recent Photo, and signature. (Make sure to check the conditional requirements for uploading documents. If it doesn’t meet the required conditions, then you’ll get either error right at that moment or you’ll receive emails to correct the errors after submitting for approval)
  • After attaching the document. Click Next

E pariksha registration step 3

E pariksha registration step 4

  • Fill up details of your CDC and attach a photocopy of CDC with all the pages of entry of sea service details

E pariksha registration step 5

E pariksha registration step 6

  • Leave the EXN-45 N0.: column blank if you don’t have PART A exemption. (Most of the candidates will get Exemptions on the day of Physical Document verification. But you should have done the payment before the day of the Document Verification)
  • Click Next

Contact Details:

Fill up basic contact details and click next

E Pariksha Registration step 7

Fee Details:

You can make payment at any time before submitting it for approval. If you want to pay now, you can pay and click “Next”.

Scholastic Education:

  • Stream No – Choose your stream. Either B.Tech ME or GME
  • Tick mark your Scholastic Education Level (10th, 10+2 or diploma, and Graduate)

E Pariksha registration step 8

  • Upload scholastic documents – 10th Certificate, 10+2 or diploma certificate, and Graduation Certificate(Only Final Degree Certificate is enough)

meo class 4 booking

  • Click Next

Pre-Sea Training

  • Fill up training institute details – Name, Indos No, and address. (Make sure you’re filling up Institutes Indos No. that you can get from either college certificates or from dgshipping site).
  • Enter the Attended period as per the Pre sea training certificate. Fill up “Result” as “pass” and upload the Pre Sea Training Certificate.
  • Click Next

meo class 4 exam

Structured Onboard Training:

In this section, you need to fill up the details related to the completion of your onboard training

  • Phase No. – Select “PHASE 2-As Trainee Engineer Officer”
  • Date of Completion – Date of your signoff
  • Designated Training Officer – Name of Chief Engineer (or Name of the Designated officer if you have any )

meo class 4 exam

  • Details of Certificate of Competency – CoC Number of the Designated Training officer you have entered above i.e, Chief Engineer
  • Attach Sea Service Letter Issued by the Company (Make sure to check all the details properly. As this is one of the important document)
  • Click Next

Sea Going Service:

Here You need to Enter details of your Sea Service Testimonials

  • No. Of Testimonials – Total No. of Testimonials you have(As you’ll be getting a testimonial from each Chief Engineer you have sailed with, the number may be different)

meo class 4 exam

  • In the Next few columns Enter basic Ship details.
  • Click on Attach/View document and upload your testimonials

meo class 4 exam

  • Article Period – Enter the No. of Sailing Days
  • OSS- Enter no. of Propulsion Days

meo class 4 exam

  • The total No. of days will be automatically calculated
  • Click Next

STCW Courses:

Here You’ll have to enter and upload STCW Course Certificates

  • STCW – Select the Course name
  • STCW Code A – For all STCW Courses the code is VI
  • Approved Institute – Select the corresponding Institute

meo class 4 exan

  • Institute INDOS – Enter Institutes INDOS No
  • Time Period- Enter the correct details as mentioned in the certificates.
  • Click on “attach/view documents” and upload all STCW certificates.
  • Click Next

Level Applied For:

In this section, you’ll have to select Oral Functions

meo class 4 exam

For those who have sailed on MOTOR vessels – tick the Functions 3, 4B, 5, and 6. Tick on “I agree” and Click Next

Certificate of Competency Held: 

Do Nothing and Click “Next” 

Approved Courses:

Here You’ll have to update details of your Advanced modular Courses

  • As similar to STCW Courses, Select Function / Part(course) Name.
  • Select the Institute
  • Fill up the Start and End Date of the course in “From” to “To” Columns respectively.

meo class 4 exam

  • Fill up as “Pass” in Remarks Section.
  • Click on “Attach/View Documents” and upload all Advanced Modular Courses Certificate
  • Click “Next”

The final step is the Declaration. 

If you have done payments and uploaded documents properly, then you can submit for approval.  After submission for approval, your application status will change to submitted for approval. Now, take the printout of the application. You need to attach this application along with other documents that I have listed below to present on the day of Assessment/Document Verification.

Important: MEO Class 4 Oral Exams Question Bank Function 5

6. Document Verification:

For the physical document verification process, you’ll have to present at the MMD on the day of your Document verification. Make sure to reach the MMD Centre as early as possible because a limited number of applications will be accepted each day. “First Come – First Serve”. If you’re late you may have to stay for the next day or they instruct. Before going for the assessment,

Arrange all the documents as per the order. The related instructions will be given on the official websites of each MMD Centre. Generally, you’ll have to arrange and carry documents in the following order.

  • Form 15 – Available on the official website of the MMD
  • Part A and Part B Payment receipt
  • E-Pariksha Form
  • Duly Filled Checklist – Can get at MMD
  • CDC
  • Passport
  • All Certificates & Marksheets of Education qualification as follows
    • 10th
    • 12th / Diploma
    • Degree (all semester mark sheet)
    • GME as applicable
  • Pre Sea Course
  • Valid Medical Certificate
  • STCW Certificates as following
    • PSCRB & PST
    • AFF & FPFF
    • PSSR
    • MFA
    • EFA
    • STSDSD
    • ERS
    • Boiler course certificate as applicable
  • Sea Service Testimonials
  • Form 3A
  • Article of Agreement
  • Seafarer Profile
  • TAR Book(Presea and Onboard)
  • Sea Service Letter by the Company

Important Notice: You should carry an original copy of all documents along with a minimum of 2 sets of xerox. Form-15 can be filled on the day of assessment to avoid any mistakes or you can fill it up by referring the sample form given by the MMD Centre on its official website.

On the day of Document Verification, Follow the instruction given by the MMD Personnel. After the initial verification of documents by the MMD Officials, a final verification will be conducted by the Surveyor. If everything is cleared,  it means you have passed the physical document verification. Now the next step is Online Document Verification.

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After the physical document verification process, MMD Centres will start online document verification. Here, they will verify your physical documents with the online documents that you have uploaded on E-Pariksha. If the documents are correct and clean, your “Booking” option in the E-Pariksha page will open. Now you can book your exams as per your wish. But if there are any problems in online documents, MMD Personnel will send you an email to correct the necessary errors. After getting approved, the “Booking” option will open in your profile from where you can book exams.

Kind Note: On theday of document verification, you’ll have to find your name in a file present at MMD Centre. This file contains the “Perform-B”(Attendance Sheet) of your batch sent by your Pre-Sea Training Institute to the MMD. But few of the students were unable to find the name as the institute wasn’t sent the file to MMD. So if possible, it’s a safer way to have a copy of “Performa-B” from your college.

7. Exam Booking: 

The next and final step is to book the exams. Login to your e-Pariksha account. Whenever the slot opens you’ll get an option to “Book” to a particular function. If the slots are not open for a particular function, the function will show “No free seat available”. As you know there will be 6 written functions and 4 oral functions.
You’ll have to just select a book option for your required function and make the necessary payment.
written papers:
meo class 4 written exam
Oral Papers:
meo class 4 oral exam
Hope this article is helpful for you to complete your booking of exams. Kindly comment below for any enquiry or corrections.

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    Very helpful article brother thank you very much.
    Can you help me with how to take part A exemption?

  2. Dev

    Part A Exemption will be given on the same day of your Document verification. You no need to worry about anything. You'll have to pay the exemption fee well in advance and should submit the necessary documents listed in the article above. Thanks for reading

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    how to delete date entry in STRUCTURED ONBOARD TRAINING section ? i want to delete date in PHASE 1 column.

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    Brother, I have not been in this situation so don't know much about that. As of my knowledge if you have not yet submitted for approval, you can make corrections as required by reviewing the application from page 1. If you have submitted for approval then you can not do any changes currently. But nothing to worry, MMD will send you a mail for necessary correction if they find any mistakes. So no worries if you can't make necessary changes now.

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    Brother I selected exam center as Mumbai but now it has been changed to Cochin automatically, I also have the printout of the application which I filled..what to do now?

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    Thank you. very helping. I am filling the application form right now. I have already paid the assessment fees. Is it ok if I pay exemption fees now from epariksha? what is "bharatkosh"??

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    My E pariksha approval status is still pending, I have done all my physical document verification etc from the KOchi MMD, but they final approval has not been done yet. What can I do for this case

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    Did you get any email from the MMD? Normally they will send an email if they find any corrections to be done after physical verification. The procedure is, after we submit all our documents physically, they will verify those documents with the documents we have uploaded online. Please check with you other friends either they have got any updates? If yes, then you can send an email to the respective MMD. If Not, you have to wait. As due to COVID-19 everything is getting delay.

  9. Arpit

    Hi, I wanted to apply for Motor examination, but I saw the seats got filled in fraction of seconds, by the time I could book it, I got a trigger stating that it is full. What can be done in such cases, please help.

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      But, normally it doesn’t happen bro. The slots will be kept open till the last date of booking.

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