How To Apply For MEO Class 4 COC(Certificate of Competency) on DG Shipping E Pariksha Portal? | Documents and DG Shipping Guidelines

How To Apply For MEO Class 4 COC(Certificate of Competency) on DG Shipping E Pariksha Portal? | Documents and DG Shipping Guidelines

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Have you cleared your class 4 exams? Are you facing difficulties in Applying for COC? Are you confused about the documents that need to upload? If the answer is Yes, then you’re in right place to get your queries solved. In this article, I will guide you through a step-by-step procedure to apply for COC.

As we all know clearing the class 4 exam is a super tough task for all mariners. At the same time applying for COC after clearing the exams is also another headache as we have to upload too many documents to get our COC approved. It’s quite common to get rejection emails from MMDs by mentioning various mistakes in uploading the documents. The most common mistakes that are being repeated by many candidates are their Photograph and Signature. In this article, I will attach a copy of the detailed guidelines for uploading Photograph and Signature. Let’s start

Step 1 : Login To E Pariksha Portal

Enter Your Login Credentials and Login to the E Pariksha Portal

Step 2: Click on Certification Tab

Step 3: Click on COC Application Form

Step 4: Enter Details Required(Most of the cases only Birth Place. All other details will be automatically fetched). Go to page 2

Step 5: Click on Upload Documents for COC

Now you’ll find only two rows/columns to upload Signature and Medical Fitness Certificate. Below You’ll get an option to add a row to upload other documents. Following is the list of documents that need to upload one by one by adding extra rows.

  • Signature
  • Medical Fitness Certificate
  • High Voltage
  • All STCW Certificates
  • All advance course certificates
  • Company Sea Service Letter
  • Sea Service Testimonials
  • Indos Certificate
  • Screenshot of the Exam Result
  • Medical fitness certificate remaining pages
  • CDC 1st, Sea Service and Last Page
  • Passport first and last page
  • TAR Book first page (The page with your photograph)
  • Photograph (Photograph has to be changed from the personal details tab. To visit the tab click on Application –> Personal Details)

Guidelines For Uploading Photo and Signature (Click Here to Download the File)

Step 6: Click on Fee Details and make COC fee payment (3000 INR).

Step 7: Click on Submit.

After verification, you’ll get an email from MMD regarding either the COC application had been put on hold or approved. If the application has been put on hold, the email will mention the necessary correction to be done within a particular time period. You can correct it and submit it again. 

I hope this article will be helpful for you in applying for COC. Please comment below for any clarifications or corrections.

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