How To Make Payment on Bharathkosh for MEO Class 4 Part A Exemption

How To Make Payment on Bharathkosh for MEO Class 4 Part A Exemption

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 MEO Class 4 Part A Exemption fee Payment

As you all know MEO class 4 Examination is divided into two parts. Part A and Part B. As per the rules, Part A is exempted for those who have completed their in Marine Engineering or GME course. But we need to get an exemption certificate from DGshipping by making the necessary payments(As of now INR 3000). There are two ways to make the above payment.
  1. Through Epariksha page.
  2. Through Bharathkosh

In this article, I will explain to you the complete step by step procedure to make payment through Bharathkosh. 
Step 1: Visit Bhrathkosh by clicking on the link below or by searching Bharathkosh on Google

Step 2: Click On “Non-Registered Useres”

Step 3: Select Depositor’s Category as “Individual” and click on the search icon in the “Purpose” table

Step 4: Select “Shipping” from the Drop Downlist of the Ministry Section.

Now type “exam” in the “Purpose” column and click on the “Search Button”. 
Select your corresponding MMD from the list.

Step 5: Check the details of your MMD and Enter the Fee Amount. Write “MEO Class 4 Part A Exemption” in the “Remarks” box and click on the “Add” button after filling up the Captcha code.

Step 6: Check and confirm the MMD Details and click on “Next”

Step 7: Fill up Your Personal Details(Fill up only Compulsory fields) and tick mark “Online Payment” and click “Next”

Step 8: Confirm Your Details and Save the file for reference by clicking on the Save button. Click Confirm after confirming the details are correct.

Step 9: Select your “Bank” and Select the mode of payment and type of the card. 

Step 10: Enter the Captcha Code, Tick mark “Terms and Conditions” and click on “PAY”.

Step 11: Fill up your card details and make the necessary payment.

Download the Receipt for payment or take a screenshot after completing the payment. This document needs to be uploaded while applying for an exemption on the Epariksha Page.
Hope this article is helpful for you. Please comment below for any corrections or clarrifications.


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