MEO Class 4 Written Exam Question and Answers 2020 – Section 2

MEO Class 4 Written Exam Question and Answers 2020 – Section 2

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1. High pressure differential of a M/E LO filter only can be reduced by

  • Back flushing filter
  • Changing over to standby filter
  • Change M/E

2. The LO temperature

  •  Start increases immediately
  •  Start decreases immediately
  • Will be maintained at the set point
  •  Can’t maintain at the set point and decrease slowly

3.  Fixed vane type emergency fire pump priming vacuum pump.  After one week fire pump not taking suction. The vacuum pump is engaging, but not developing vacuum in the suction side. What will be the cause? a. Suction filter of the pump clogged

  • Suction filter cover gasket leaks
  • Vacuum pump not overhauled properly
  • Sealing water tank is empty

4.  Single screw pump used as sludge pump the correct technical name.

  • Snake pump
  • Screw pump
  • Progressive cavity pump
  • Gear pump

5.  Excessive lubricator in compressor leads to

  • Decompression
  •  Detonation
  •  Sticking in valves and 
  • Carry over and deposit of all particles in pipe line and reservoir

6. Corrosion occurs in cooling fresh water system of marine diesel engine 

  • Stress corrosion
  • Hot corrosion
  • Bimetallic corrosion
  • Selective phase corrosion

7. Purpose of evaporator in domestic refrigeration system 

  • To transmit latent heat of evaporation
  • To absorb latent heat of fussion
  •  To absorb latent heat of evaporation
  •  To transmit latent heat of fussion

8. Sudden closing and opening of valve in sea water pipeline leads to

  • Cavitations
  •  Water hammering
  • Steam hammering
  • There is no problem

9. Centrifugal pump change over for pumping liquid of high specific gravity the discharge at the rated capacity will be 

  • Increase
  • Decrease
  •  Same
  • Convert 50%

10.  Centrifugal pump change over for pumping liquid of high specific gravity what will change?

  •  Discharge pressure
  •  Discharge head
  • Power consumption
  • Pump speed

11. Weldability steel depends on carbon equivalent

  • CE<= 0.35 
  • CE between O.36 AND 0.4
  • CE between o.41 and o.45
  • CE between o.46 and o.5

12. Sea water outlet temperature of LO cooler decreased while main engine load and sea water inlet temperature not changed this indicates  

  • Cooler efficiency has increased
  • Cooler efficiency has decreased
  • Sea water outlet temp nothing to do with efficiency
  • The flow of sea water reduced

13. Ballast pump suction filters during ballast in port purpose of getting blocked frequently you should

  • Remove the suction filter
  • Clean frequently as required and also open and check the sea chest filter
  • Stop using the pump and keep fill in gravity
  • Stop the ballast operation

14. When steel components electroplated with chromium are used in corrosive environment 

  • Chrome plating prevents corrosion
  • Protection to the steel will be preferentially corroded
  • Zinc plating is used on top of chrome plating for corrosion protection
  • Thickness of chrome plating to increase

15. Steel is an alloy of iron carbon and alloying components what is the carbon content?

  • Less than 1 %
  • Less than 2%
  • Greater than 2%
  • Any % of carbon

16. Tube in air compressors , self compensating for expansion (if multi choice include coil tube also)

  • Straight line tube
  • U tube
  • Coil tube
  • Floating tube

17.    ___________ boiler feed pumps is used in modern ships

  • Reciprocating pump
  • Heleshaw pump 
  • Multistage centrifugal pump
  • Single stage centrifugal pump

18.    The actuator of ballast valve in duct keel in port to carry deballast open best practice

  • Interchange from another valve.
  • Manually operated
  • Leave the tank full and ask for shore assistance.
  • Portable pump through manhole.

19.    To reduce sulphur corrosion of main engine components

  •  Run at normal load
  • Atomizing pressure of fuel
  • Rotor in exhaust valve
  • Fuel feed rate in purifier and purifier in series 

20.  Crude oil or crude oil+ballast water of same specific gravity ________ current in pump with same discharge pressure 

  • More
  • Less
  •  Same 
  • Does not depend

21.    Refrigerant compressor will run continuously 

  • Too heavy cooling load
  • Air in the system
  • Insufficient refrigerant
  • Any of the above

22.    Protection of zinc protective coating is good at

  • 50 degree Celsius
  • 65
  • 90
  • 115

23.   Which anode ICCP 

  • Zinc
  • Silicon
  • Lead , silver
  • Platinized titanium 

24.    Effective suction blowing of exhaust gasket

  • Minium chance of suction fire
  • Increase efficiently 
  • Minimum heavy corrosion and leading tube failure
  • All the above

25.    High chloride of boiler water is caused by

  • Leaking tube of exhaust steam condenser
  • Excessive steam leak resulting high 
  • Poor quality of boiler make up water
  • All the above 

26.    Hot work onboard 

  • Switch alarm
  • Keep fire extinguisher 
  • Standby person
  • All the above

27.    Exhaust gas boiler fire suitable measures

  • Frequent suit blowing 
  • Increase engine speed to blow suite
  • Stop cooling water circulation to avoid leakages
  • None of the above 

28.    In RT flex engine which of the following comment of main engine made redundant

  • Fuel p/p
  • Starting air v/v 
  • Starting air distributor
  • Auxiliary blower

29.    Scale Formation in FWG evaporator side –

  • increase in shell temp
  • heat transfer impaired 
  • production affected 
  • all

30.    Refer cooling tubes act as self-cooling & expansion by

  • Straight tube
  • U tube
  • Spring tube

31.    Which of the following is an important requirement for proper functioning of sacrificial anode system? 

  • Good Insulation between anodes and ships hull 
  • Good electrical continuity between anodes and ship???s hull 
  • Providing protection of anodes from being painted over during hull painting 
  • Presence of an insulating material between anode and the cathode

32.    Purifier leaking bowl opened, cleaned n seal ring changed and put back but still leaking what might b wrong?

  • high temp
  • high density
  • disc size not proper
  •  rpm low 

33.    Increased fuel injection temperature and maintaining recommended viscosity of a new bunkers fuel oil.

  • viscotherm running fine
  • Problem in viscotherm
  • best quality bunkers
  • None

34.    Overall length of pairs of rams is reduced in which of the following tiller designs of a steering gear arrangement?

  •  Forked tiller design
  • Round arm tiller design
  • Conventional tiller design
  • None of the above

35.    In refrigeration circuit, the data logger will record what? (Multi choice)

  • Room temperature
  • Recharge temperature
  • Liquid line temperature
  • Solenoid valve operation

36.    Engaging the turning gear and turning the engine until working temperatures are reduced

  • Blank starting air to the affected cylinder
  • Shut cylinder oil to the affected cylinder
  • Shut all cylinder liner ports of affected cylinder
  • Open relief valve of affected cylinder 

37.    You as a fourth engineer have taken over watch from third engineer. He said OWS is running in 0 ppm. But after taking over watch you observed that fresh water flushing valve is crack open. After closing it, suddenly the oil content has exceeded 15ppm. What will you do?

  • shut the OWS & inform CEO.
  • shut the OWS but no need to inform anyone.
  • Don’t touch the appratus & inform CEO.
  • Just check that there is no visible colour/oil traces in sea water so don’t have to inform anyone.

38.    With ref to centrifugal p/p characteristics curves what will be the effect when p/p is started

  • with suction closed
  •  with discharge shut

39.   Non destructive test is 

  • impact test
  • Ultraviolet test 

40.    Purpose of observation tank 

  • to check water level 
  • check any oil contaminate 
  •  to check alkalinity

41.    The coating on an electrode used for electric arc welding

  • creates a gas shield to prevent oxidation of the weld material
  • helps the weld formation by shaping the metal transfer 
  • provides an electrical insulation for the user 
  • All of the above

42.    Which vessel is mostly used for carrying NH3/ LPG

  • Semi pressurized
  • Fully pressurized
  • Fully refrigerated  
  • All the above

43.    Pump, when coupled to constant speed motor , the discharge quantity will not change with following pumps 

  • heleshaw 
  •  steering gear swash plate type 
  •  Gear pump 
  • None

44.    Electrical fire extinguished by

  •  Co2 
  • DCP 
  • FOAM 

45. over speed trip of generator—

  • governor has to be check
  • fuel oil system 

46.    Purpose of preferential trip to prevent 

  •  blackout 
  • To avoid overload 
  • to start heavy machinery 
  • all 

47.    Flooding in E/R, 

  • pump out through OWS to overboard
  • pump out through EMERGENCY Bilge pump 
  • pump out through General Service pump 
  • all

48.    Sewage plant efficiency is gauged by 

  • suspended solid
  • coli count 
  • BOD 
  •  all

49.    In Stern tube, aft of FOREWARD SEAL is leaking then

  • forward tank oil level increase
  • Drop in header tank level 
  • Forward tank oil level decrease 
  • Increase in header tank level

50.    IG System number of no return valve

  • 1 
  • 2 
  • 3 
  • at least one if deck seal is provided otherwise two 


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