MEO Class 4 Written Exam Questions and Answers – 2021

MEO Class 4 Written Exam Questions and Answers – 2021

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Are you searching for MEO Class 4 written exam questions and answers pdf copies to download? Then, you’re in right place to download your free pdf copies.

meo class 4 written exam papers pdf

In this article, I’ll share the most frequently asked questions and answers pdf copies to help you prepare for your written exams. These are the questions, that are being asked every year with few alterations. But, if you read these copies completely, that’s more than enough to clear the MEO class 4 written exam.

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MEO class 4 written exam is quite easy compared to the oral exams. All the questions will be multiple-choice and also includes fill-in-the-blanks, numerical, and diagrams. Generally, the written exam is carried out through Online mode.  Due to COVID-19, it has changed into offline mode. But, the questions and the format of the exam will be the same as before.

To help you prepare for the exam, I have created a practice test section, where you can practice written test papers as many times as you want to get prepared for the exam. It is completely free and easy to access. It consisting of all the questions and answers asked in the written exam. Practicing the test gives you the confidence to appear for the exam. So, take a free practice test now.


Let’s get started…

MEO Class 4 Written Exam papers:

There will be 6 papers in MEO class 4 written exam. They are,
  1. Marine Engineering Knowledge (General)

  2. Marine Engineering Knowledge (MOTOR)

  3. Marine Electro Technology

  4. Ship Construction and Naval Architecture

  5. Ship Safety and Environmental Protection

  6. Marine Engineering Practice.

Click on the Download button to download a free pdf copy of the required written paper.

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Download links for MEO Class 4 written exams.

  1. MEK General   DOWNLOAD PDF
  3. Electrical           DOWNLOAD PDF
  4. Ship Construction & Naval Architecture  DOWNLOAD PDF
  5. Ship Safety & Environmental Protection  DOWNLOAD NOW
  6. MEP – Marine Engineering Practice          DOWNLOAD PDF 

Additionally, Electrical and Naval Architecture papers will include a few numerical. Download the numerical below

  1. Electrical Numerical                   DOWNLOAD PDF
  2. Naval Architecture Numerical  DOWNLOAD PDF

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You can easily refer to the MEO Class 4 Part A exemption guide to make payment on Bharathkosh

Still, have any questions? Ask in the comments. I will definitely reply asap.

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