Welcome Marine Engineering Q & A Forum

We have created this forum to help all marine engineering students, meo class 4 aspirants, and others who are interested in the Merchant Navy industry. Here you can ask your questions and queries related to anything that comes under the marine industry. And the same time share your valuable answers and experiences that help other marine friends to get their queries solved. 

The main reason for creating this forum is to post MEO Class 4 Oral questions that are being asked in various MMDs. As this is the best way to prepare for your class 4 exams, keep posting your questions and answers in respective MMD forums. Your 5 min of time will definitely help thousands of other aspirants to clear their exams easily. So please keep the MMDs forum to only discuss class 4 exams.

In the General forum, you can ask anything else related to the marine industry. Questions such as How to Join the merchant navy, Career in the merchant navy, Doubts in Booking of exams, Machinery maintenance, etc.

Keep Posting and Keep Helping.

Thank You